Cam for a 347?


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Jul 8, 2002
Livermore, CA
I just pulled my engine because of a siezed oil pump and a broked pump driveshaft. Ive decided to build a 347 stroker using a CHP kit, AFR 185 heads, a Performer intake (I already have it and can upgrade later), but cant decide on a cam. It has to pass California emissions so everything needs a CARB#. I know the 347 is not emissions legal, but they wont know. I was looking at the Crane #444221 or #444225. The 444221 has a lift of 533 int. and 544 exh. with a duration of 216 int. and 220 exh. The 444225 has a lift of 513 int. and 529 exh. and a duration of 214 int. 220 exh. Will either of these cams work well? Could you recommend other cams that have a CARB#? I will be putting this engine in my daily driver and will road race it a few times a year and some drag.

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I would go with the 444221 ... you shouldn't have a problem passing emissions as long as your smog pump, egr, and cats are functional.

With a fresh engine, clean oil and a good tune, your car will be putting out clean emissions.

This cam will also give you a broad range of power as well in a 347 (probably 1600-5600) which is perfect for road courses. Plus the shorter rod (5.315 vs 5.4) will pull harder through the intake valve which increases vacuum pressure in the manifold to smooth the idle and give more throttle response :nice:

CARB certification only means tree-huggers (liberals) approve of it ... doesn't imply a part will not pass emissions if its not certified.

You'd be amazed at some things that will pass. :nonono: