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Feb 25, 2006
sct tuner or dyno?i was thinking buy the tuner and add parts as i go.but it seems to me that the sct tuner doesnt do all that it advertises.ive read for hours on their forum and alot of people are saying that they cant tune how they want being a complete newbie to mustangs,im not sure what i should do.buddy of mine told me id be better off buying all the parts i want to do to it and getting it dyno tuned one time.ive never had a car dyno'd before do they flash the pcm with a tune when they do it?is he right should i go ahead and put everything on there at once.and not mess with the sct confused
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I guess it kinda depends on where you want to go with your car. If you're heading for the race track, and there is a good local tuner with a dyno and experience with Mustangs nearby, it might make sense for you to get all your goodies installed and then get a custom tune.

If your car is a daily driver, like mine, I can say that I've been very happy with a few bolt-ons and a tune from Paul's High Performance that came in an SCTXCalibrator-2. It was dead easy to plug in and press the buttons when the display told you to. It was $385, and I think it was worth it. I have no idea how much power it added, but it was quite a bit. But, it is still getting good gas mileage and it behaves like stock in traffic and at low rpm. Throttle response is much improved, and at WOT it goes.

Just a thought on this whole thing. If you go and get dyno tuning done and they reflash your computer where does your original "back up" tune get saved? Every shop I talked to about getting dyno tuned required me to supply the tuning device, SCT Xcal-2 or DiabloSport Predator. These devices allow you, actually make you, save your original tune before you can modify anything. This will allow you to flash your car back to stock anytime you want, maybe for warranty work. If you go to a shop and just have them tune your car on the dyno using their own progammer I'm not sure where your original tune is saved. That's not a good situation to be in. I recommend getting the tuner and using the "canned" tune that comes with it. If you want you can then take your car to a tuning shop and have them modify any settings using your own tuner. The "canned" tunes are pretty good. I would guess that you would only get about 5 or so more RWHP by taking it to the shop and having them tweak the canned tune. Just my .02
well sct tuner owners.each time that you add something to the car is it easy to tune using the tuner to compensate for the mod?im under the impression that you still have to get the car dyno'ed?basically this is where im at with the car.its my wifes car,so she just wants it to sound bada5s,and move when she wants it ive bought bassani x-pipe with cat deletes allready,about to buy the bassani axle-back system.and probably going with an j&l intake kit.thats all i plan on doing to the car.well atleast while its under the way should i buy the hi flow cats?or will be ok without them?
If you are just looking to get more sound and some added power, throttle response, etc...I would talk to an SCT tuner like Fred from Evolution Performance, that's who did my tuning. They have canned tunes already for all types of set ups. If you tell him what you have on the car he will provide you with a tune for your wife's mods. If you add a part in the future you can contact him again and he can send you an updated tune compensating for the new item. The canned tune should be fine for what you are looking for. Ideally everyone should get the custom tuning done on a dyno to make sure all paramaters are exact and you are getting every ounce of power out of your mods, but canned tunes wil work just fine for your situation.

You should be OK without the Cats unless a cop decides to crawl under your car and look for them. I belive it's illegal to not have them. You may run into a problem when you want to get it inspected as well.

Evolution Performance: 610-485-3596, tell him Mike from the boards sent you. He will chat with you on the phone at length if you have any questions about the entire process.
thanks masinmike,evolution perf. is where im buying the tuner and cai anyways.i found them on ebay they have the best price i have found.ill contact them and see what my options are.

as far as the cats are concerned,i may just buy them,i heard the exhaust sound bits on brenspeed,and the off road x pipe with factory mufflers sounded really im hoping with the axle backs and hi flow cats from bassani will clear that up a little.thanks for the advice guys.