Engine Car Cuts Out When Throttle Depressed.


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Sep 2, 2013
Well , my car was running fine with an occasional check engine light on heavy throttle. I just replaced my heater core. Now when it reaches temp and I push on the throttle it cuts out and makes a pop in the engine bay. The only mod done to the car that I see is Off road H pipe. Also looks like a tube that is part of the smog system is pinched off. This is how I bought the car. Thanks in advance .

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mine was doing that and it was the connection to the maf....it was popping and cutting out....i put dielectric grease and it fixed it...just a thought..
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Well last night I have everything back together and had it running in the garage for 45 minutes. It seems to have fixed itself . Maybe because there were some connections in the dash that were not connected it would do this. Anyway it runs as it did before I took the dash apart. Thanks everyone.