Car needs throttle open to start sometimes?


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Dec 21, 2003
I run 30# injectors 80mm MAF 75mm Accufab tb 180cc protopline aluminum heads 306cu in with flat tops.. Well sometimes when I go to start the car it floods out? I have to give it like half throttle and go to start it then once it starts it does fine.. Just wondering why it floods on start up.. I do run a big cam.. as you can see my parts list below... my other question is why does my car only pull to 6000rpm is it my manifold.. Because everything else I run should run to 7000 rpm noproblem..
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Well I guess my signature is not still on my last post to show you what my setup is.. Ohwell The cam I run is a comp 282hr.. It sounds awesome when its at idle and pulls really hard at 4600rpm - 5800rpm which I think it should pull up in the 6000rpm and up range noproblem.. Has to be my manifold.. I run a performer not a rpm model...
Maybe your O2 sensors need to be replaced. I know my car will kill on me in the cold weather (below 40 degrees) because I am only running one 02 sensor. Another one of those great ideas previous owners do to their cars.

As for pulling up in the 6ks, the power should be lower. These are not lt1 or ls1 engines here. 6k is pretty high...
My car does that sometimes too. Usually when it's hot. But I just floor it and it starts, so no biggie. My combo pulls to about 6600, but it's really singing by then. My guess it that you intake is stopping you from goin any higher.
If you have the stock computer and no chip or anything, the rev limiter is at 6250 anyway, so you're not gonna go past that...the tach is probably off - i've read about some off as much as 1500 rpm.

Pushing the gas when starting actually cuts fuel, so yeah it sounds like you have too much fuel initially and holding the gas cuts fuel allowing the car to start. Consequently, I would assume that maybe your fuel pressure is set too high? What do you have your fuel pressure set at? Maybe back it off a little and see if that helps - that is also assuming you have an Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator.