Car will suddenly just die?


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Jul 13, 2002
Middlesex and Pomona, NJ
Anyone have any clue of what could cause this? I was waiting to pull out onto a road and my car just suddenly died. Didnt just stall out. Completely turned off, cd player and all. Its done this twice in the past week.

Also, the past week or so the cd player will just suddenly turn completely off then back on again about 10 seconds later.

Anyone know what could cause this? My friend said it might be my battery, which is about 3 years old.
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Your battery shouldn't be the problem, 'cause the battery's only really used when the engine's starting or off. When the engine's running, the alternator gives you your power.

It IS possible that a loose connection on one of the alternator wires is shorting out, cutting all your power. I'd say check those connections first, then trace the wires and see if any of them are broken or shorting out.

My battery usually dies at about 3 years, so your battery may be getting old. If I remember my Mustang wiring right, the battery does complete the power circuit. So for example, if you disconnect the battery the car will also die. I do NOT suggest you do this, it causes a surge in the electrical system and can damage the computer.

It couldn't hurt to check your battery cables and make sure they're free of corrosion. Make sure the corrosion hasn't seeped down the wires either.