car won't start


15 Year Member
Oct 3, 2003
Bethesda, MD
well i took the car to the tranny place about 2 weeks ago. they didn't have time to look at it for about a week, so they just moved it in and out of the shop for about a week. then all of a sudden they say it just wouldn't start anymore. so i had it pushed down to the midas, where they did my exhaust work and they say it has spark and fuel, but it still won't start. every so often it sounds like it is about to start, but then no.

they thought is was out of gas, so i put in 2 gallons, so that is not it

i am having them pull some plugs to see what they look like.

any other ideas?
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i did check the distributor, it was not loose

it would just crank and crank until the battery would die

the guy at midas pulled the plugs and he says they are incorrectly gapped and look fouled (rich) and is replacing them. he wanted to use those platinum ones; i told him to use regular ones instead.