Car won't start


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Jan 19, 2006
It's not the 5.0, it's the womans old 97 mazda millenia, we were driving it one day and it started struggling to go and finally died about a minute later and won't start back, the mechanic has had it for 2 weeks and finally said that he can find no reason for it to not start, I went and checked on it tonight just to see if I could find something wrong and found that it has gas soaked plugs, all of them, and after you let off of the key I heard what I am going to say is a fuel injector still running for about 2 or 3 seconds, car is cranking just fine, sounds like it tries to start up every few seconds of cranking, it just doesn't, it has good fire and the mechanic says the fuel pressure is good.

Anyway is it possible for one injector to cause the engine to not start, all plugs are wet with gas, I figured being fuel injected that only that one cylinder would be gas soaked, but they are all soaked, I am completely stumped.

The mechanic also checked the timing and it is dead on if that matters.

I am thinking it is a fuel/injector issue just don't know what to check.
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Any DTC's?

I'd clean the plugs or change them and charge the battery up.

Is the spark blue? If orange, that's no good. To test it, pull a plug, clean it, and ground the threads. Watch the color of the spark jumping the plug gap as you crank it.

If nothing to that point, I'd confirm Fuel pressure.

I'd also check for hoses and E-connectors that could have popped off, and make sure your EGR isn't stuck open.