cat back removed....whoa!


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Oct 29, 2006
Jackson, MI
well i started my tear down finally lol everything is gone from o/r h back....i couldn't get the rear hangers out so i cut them....? do you guys just cut the rubber and replace it because it whooped on me!!! everything else was pretty easy...but only a jack left me with just the back jacked up and getting the h pipe unbolted was kinda fun sqeezing under there..haha

holy hell is it loud though!!!! and there is a terrible crackle haha...i though about leaving it off so awhile and driving like that before i put the cat back on haha i think i wont take my chances haha.
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thats why i got cutouts:D try longtubes and offroad h pipe

its amazing how the stock catback make the exhuast so quiet :D

snap, crackle, pop.:rlaugh:

what i think it is is that there is no back pressure to so the exhuast get removed from the clyinder quicker and it makes a crackle, and pop.:shrug: maybe
whats the crackling pop noise?? the air flowing through the h?

When you first start up your car it will run rich until the ECT sees a certain temp value. This is done to hasting the warm up of the cats which you don't have. The popping is more than likely unburnt fuel igniting.

Please tell me you used something else to support the vehicle besides a jack:nono:
i went out in the garage to start the 93 and the battery was dead so i jumped it with the 94.....the sound is growing on me...i just stepped back and listened to the aggressive growl and was like damn....
yeah so i need to cut the rear rubber hangers or something lol...i cant seem to get the hanger i cut off out of it lol...there just hanging out back there...gonna be kinda hard to put the new kit on without getting those out lol
the rubber piece is a pain to remove i just unbolted the entire hanger metal piece included. it is held on with 2 bolts i believe 10mm.

one problem you might not like is you have to lower the rearend alot just to remove the catback.

i removed my entire rearend to get mine out since i had to replace my rearend and do a gear install.

myne crackles when its warmed up, my car runs lean 15-18 on warmup i think i have a bad injector.
i jacked the rear up....maybe 24" if im lucky..i got a old jack and it stops working at a certin wheel was maybe.....6" off the ground and thats probley guessing to much....i used the trusty sawsal and cut it where the pipes started to turn up....cut the hanger and pulled the pipes out w/ a little twisting....then when i undid the flanges it just dropped off the flanges were the worst because it was a tight fit for me under the car lol i guess i should have lower the rear and jacked the front up and moved the jack stands lol but i got limited space in the garage and the windchill up here is -20 WTF!!!!! after laying on the concrete i thought i had frostbite on my back!!!! hahaha i need to get heat in there lol. im going to check to see how expensive new rubber hangers are oem style and probley end up cutting the old ones out and putting the new on for the new trying to budget money and im wondering if i should return the cat back....320!!! and spend it on some other stuff.... i need to do a cold air, tune up, replace a lower ball joint and stud and replace a rear main...just to be mechanically sound that is...wondering what to do...?