CDC Shaker Hood


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Jun 23, 2001
Northern VA
So I have the opportunity to get the CDC Shaker hood system for a shade over $1100 installed. Does anyone have any thoughts, opinions, or want to point out any (not obvious) implication to getting the shaker?

To hedge this before it starts, this is not something I would ever install myself. I'd do the shaker part, but I would not cut a hole in my hood. Not only do I not have the tools to do it, I just would not feel comfortable, and would prefer that the dealer does it. I also realize my STB would no longer fit.
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Don't have any doubts. I had one of the first shaker systems intalled on my 2005 Coupe and have had nothing but positive comments and a lot of thumbs up from other Mustang owners. It sounds like the $1100 breaks down to about $300 for the install. That is the going rate at any shop that has installed the system here in Michigan. The only regret I have is that I had a Vinyl Strip put on the hood because the shaker looks bare without one. I am planning on having a stripe painted on in the near future.