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Jan 8, 2007
ok so my car has had the CEL on for a week or so now and i have thrown it on a scanner and cleared it a few times but it keeps throwing the same codes. Since i put my o'r x pipe i put the MILs and this is the part i dont get. its throwing codes about 02 sensor 2 bank 2, which is the post cat passenger side right? but i dont know why it would be thowing codes for that sensor if the mils are on? unless i burned a wire maybe? idkk ....
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Yes, it's the passenger side, furthest towards the rear of the car. The same sensor your MIL plugs into. Try swapping the MIL eliminators to the other side and see what happens. Also, make sure your existing O2 sensor is tight, and has no leaks. See what happens. If you swap the MILs from side to side, and it throws a code on the drivers side, you know what the problem is

Edit: Also, when i 1st put my o/r pipe on, with the MIL's, they didnt actually work right off the bat. I drove for about a week, the CEL came on, and stayed on for about a week. Then the light eventually turned off, and stayed off
Pull the MIL's off. Clean all the connectors inside & out with some Chemtool. Then oput some dielectric grease in the connections and put it all beck together.

I had probalems with codes coming up after my O/R midpipe install and doingthe above cured the problem. Might work for you, might, either way it's a free test.