Centerforce clutch question.


New Member
Feb 24, 2006
Basically, are they heavier or lighter to push than the stock clutch?
I have heard from people that they are lighter than stock because of
the weights on them. I've also been told they are stiff as heck to push in.
The reason I ask is because my Mustang's clutch is very heavy.
It came with a Centerforce 2 clutch and an aluminum quadrant with adjustable cable. I find it annoying in traffic and my wife (who loves driving the car) has a hard time with it.
Would it be worth my time to replace it with a stock clutch kit?
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the problem is not the clutch check the cable or the fork it could be out of grease in the trans neck my car's clutch is very soft i have steeda cable,firewall adjuster and quadrant kit but get the SN95 kit because the cable is longer and the clutch gets softer and goes under the motor mount and my car is soft as hydraulic cluth and i have racing clutch....
could also be the cable, i had a no name cable on my car and my clutch was stiff like that, then i went with a steeda cable and the clutch it easy and super smooth now