CFI might be sayin goodbye


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Apr 5, 2004
pondering about something posted many a time in this forum. changing out cfi to carbueration. i searched and someone had posted that you need these parts to change from EFI to carb:

-intake gaskets
-air filter assembly
-CFI distributer
-fuel pump (EFI fuel pump will flood the carb)
-not sure but you may need to play with the fuel line?

so, if i already have cfi in my car, i dont need a new distr. correct? also, would i need a new air filter assembly, since i already have the (basically) same setup? i know ill need the new intake cuz mine is just a 2bbl also, would the cfi fuel pump flood a carb? (not sure about the pump rate, sorry) probably since its electric instead of mech... anyway, those r just the major parts right cuz i know ill need a ****load more than that, thanks for any and all input available. whats he mean play with the feul line?
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nevermind, just talked to my dad about it and carbed wont pass cali smog, ****en legal bull****....................aghhhhhhhhhhhh. its like, they dont want us to be able to go fast, or something, wtf