Check out this Streetfire dummy


I felt sorry for girls because
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Jan 15, 2002
Dallas, GA
These little import punks think they have fast cars and always show thier car's beating Mustangs, but never in a real race. They think roll racing is really racing. Unless your putting down over 1000rwhp, there is no excuse for not being able to hook it. Check out this vid of this retard. Supra motor in a SC300, running twice the boost, as the Stock Cobra, thinks he's got something. Hear what he says, he's definatly a flake.

Click here to see Video

I typed a response that he'll love. Roll racing is for those who can't build a suspension, tune a chassis, or drive.
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By ever indication of that video the cobra is a faster car. The lexus didnt even pull him more then a 1/2 a car length. For all we know the cobra let off, or missed a shift, etc. For a t66 turboed car that lexus is a dog.
by the looks of it the cobra backed off, right when the tailights get by the other dudes mirror it looks like they brighten up.

nah, you can see the sc300 pulling away from the cobra, right when the cobras headlights are next to the driver you can hear the s/c whining like crazy and the sc300 is still pulling.
If we're talking about mixing performance and luxury, I'd sooner have a Terminator motor in a Crown Vic, myself, but that's just me. :D

And, FWIW, doesn't matter if you're racing from a roll or from a dead stop ... street-racing like that is a fuggin' stupid idea, period. Take it to the track - less dangerous, and less expensive than having to pay court fines, bail money, buying a new car after yours gets impounded, looking like a total douche when the cops haul you away in front of everyone, etc. :)
if i had to choose a sports car that was fast as hell and luxury guess what it would be:shrug:

C6 Z06 6spd 505hp with just about every option thats ever made:D but seeing that i dont have 80k to spend ill just sit at home for now:nonono:
Gather around, kids! It's time for an import lesson!

The SC300 had a 2JZ-GE stock :eek: It's not the same 2JZ as the Supra engine, which was the 2JZ-GTE. The naturally aspired engine of the SC wasn't built as well as the Supra's turbo engine, but lots of people still resort to adding boost to the N/A version, thus rendering it a "N/A-T". That's probably the reason why this car has a piddly T66. For a thousand or two more on a Supra, you're set up for an 88 mm turbo, you just need the supporting cast. The 2JZ-GTE has a reputation for being almost indestructible, with the stock short block being able to withstand over 1000 fwhp. The N/A version definitely has its limits, and I'm guessing it still has the N/A internals.
Anyone can make a Cobra hook. Mustangs are known for their aftermarket, and adding a solid axle with a damn good suspension is just a phone call away. Try doing that with an IRS luxury cruiser with no similar chassis to pirate a solid axle from, or off-the-shelf drag suspension.

Also, a Crown Vic over a Lexus? Are you guys stupid?