Chevy Guy That Just Ordered A New Mustang


Jan 5, 2014
I am a lifelong Chevy guy. 65 years old. I couldn't wait for the retro Camaro to come out. Really liked the retro effort of Ford and Chrysler. Just knew the Camaro would be great. I currently own a 69 Camaro. When it finally came out I was sick. It SUCKED. So I broke with tradition and ordered what I feel is by far the best retro muscle car. Ordered it just before Thanksgiving. Haven't gotten it yet but very excited. Got a GT Premium. Black with flat black stripes. Automatic. Leather. And every option available. Wanted a Shelby but was surprised to learn I couldn't get it with an automatic! Some of Fords option particulars are a mystery to me. Looked at the Hemi Challenger too . Very nice and Chryslers option offering is the best.Ford could help things by being more flexible with their options. Anyhow love the Mustangs and looking forward to it!
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Typically when specialty cars are built, you either like stick shift, or youre not special enough for the specialty car lol...this is fine with me, i love stick, but it does tend to exclude portions of the population who are unable to row their own anymore..congrats on the new mustang, itll give you many years of fun...btw supercharge it...make your own shelby clone the way you want it built.