Chicago area members with aftermarket exhaust


New Member
Mar 27, 2008
Is there anyone in the Chicago area that has any kind of exhaust, but particularly SLP Loudmouth or MAC, on their car, that would be willing to meet up with me so that I can hear your car in person? I am torn between which axleback I want, and I think it comes down to having to hear them in person rather than video clips.
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Should hit up some of the local Mustang Sites, we have several in the chicago area that have weekly get togethers and fairly often Large Meets. More then enough for you to see and hear alot of different combo's

These are the two that i belong too.

Unfortunately. Due to a work injury last year and a lawsuit with my former employer i was forced to get rid of my Mustang a lil over a week ago. I couldnt afford my Kia and Mustang payments. With Gas Prices on the rise i just couldnt justify having both of my V-8s at this time and since the truck is paid for the mustang had to leave :(

Check out both sites, Tons of good people there. Theres even a few members here on StangNet that belong to them, Like Emay and Heavy GT