Chirping Brakes All The Time!


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Jan 11, 2013
Ok I have a weird problem. I have had this chirping noise for quite some time now. It happens after a couple miles of driving. As I gain speed the chirping is faster even when not pressing the brake. ALWAYS THERE! The weird thing is that when I press the brakes the sound completely goes away...... I have had my brakes checked by two shops and both say the same thing... "Pads are good, rotors are good, rotors not touching backplate. Typical noises from a ford. Nothing to worry about."

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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thanks for the reply. diff not leaking. what does the anti squeal metal look like? and should I oil the slide pins?
hi temp grease for the slide pins plus dust boots. The anti-squeal metal brackets that the pads sit on to keep the pads from constantly rubbing on the rotor. Pepboys or Auto-Zone has the parts on there site. Worse case scenerio the calipers are frozen, thats low probability for all calipers to fail unless the brake fluid is contaminated.