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Apr 5, 2019
Chattanooga, TN
On September 14 I placed a small order with CJ Pony for a few knick-knacks. On the 16th they shipped it via UPS "smart-post".. UPS quickly took it to a USPS distribution hub in Mississippi (I am in Tennessee). And there it sat. Every day I would check on it and it was still there. Last Thursday I reached out to CJ and hat-in-hand said I know this is not really your problem but can you help? They told me to wait for Monday and if it still had not moved they would send another. So yesterday it had not moved and I called CJ. They apologized and said we will replace your order, it will ship today AND send it next day-you will have it tomorrow. And that is what happened. It is in route. To me that is outstanding customer service. Not only to replace my order, not only get it shipped same day, but to next-day it so I would have it. Thank you CJ Pony! And to the Post Office shame on you-please please please tighten up. This is by far not the first similar issue I have had with the USPS holding packages at distribution centers for weeks. If there is any alternative, I will not be using USPS shipping for anything I buy until they make some changes. If it is like the past, it will show up in a few weeks and I will send it back.
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