Drivetrain Clutch Issues


Mine is only two inches though.
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Oct 11, 2011
Waldorf, MD
Need some help here guys i have my clutch not disengaging all the way i have a triple hook quadrant and a firewall adjustment. triple hook is right in the middle and both the clutch fork adjustment and firewall adjustment is adjusted all the way in and with the clutch pedal to the floor its still not disengaging all the way. Im thinking that the pivot ball might have been adjusted out by me and not putting it back. Anybody think of what it could be?
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For the record, I think you have a UPR quadrant. Specially if its a triple hook. BBK doesnt make a triple hook that I know off. So basing my assumption on it being a UPR quadrant. And you having an adjustable cable, you definitely need to use the top hook. Middle hook is for non-adjustable cables.

Sorry, I dont have a routing picture for the cable.
Under/by the oil pan back over the crossmember up by the dipstick and then by the MC. If it is an aftermarket cable you may have to loop it as it is longer than the stock one.

Pulled these off the net...