Cobra booster installed [email protected]#$

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I installed the Cobra booster on my '89 a few years ago. It was a breeze! Oh yeah......the engine was out!
IIRC, I elongated the holes and lightly massaged the strut tower. Didn't have to cut the studs.

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I also pull the wiper motor, its quick and easy and gives a little more room.
I just got it installed I cut off 3/8 inch off inside studs and 1/4 off outside studs then a 7/16 bit through the firewall could get in with exception 1 stud was hanging on the inside stiffener plate so I pulled it back out and die grind about 1/8 I believe it was on the outboard edge of the outboard stud. those two upper nuts are a blank blank. You get my drift. Thanks for the help.
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reading threads some are cutting the studs a bit shorter and made it sound like that worked and you wouldnot have to elongate holes I am going to try to do this with the motor in .
Just got mine in cutting studs help a lot maybe if i would have shortened all of mine the same it would have worked better reamed the holes .437 massuged the tower lightly my problem was one stud cot the stiffener plate on the inside this might have been because I cut the inside studs .375 and the outside .250 anyway I had a combination of all the tricks If i did it again I would cut .500 off all studs in it all the worst was the two upper nuts ouder the dash.