Code 46-Thermactor air not bypassed

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Smog pump (Air Injection Pump) is not dumping the air on computer command. Failure of the first vacuum operated valve behind the smog pump. Either the valve isn't working when vacuum is applied to the control port on top, or the electrical valve that turns the vacuum on and off is inop.
Codes 44 & 94 help explain how the the Thermactor Air Injection system, or smog pump works...

Codes 94 & 44 - AIR system inoperative - Air Injection
Check vacuum lines for leaks, & cracks. Disconnect the big hose from smog pump: with the engine running you should feel air output. Reconnect the smog pump hose & apply vacuum to the first vacuum controlled valve: Its purpose is to either dump the pump's output to the atmosphere or pass it to the next valve. The next vacuum controlled valve directs the air to either the cylinder heads when the engine is cold or to the catalytic converter when the engine is warm. Disconnect the big hoses from the back side of the vacuum controlled valve and start the engine. Apply vacuum to the valve and see if the airflow changes from one hose to the next.

The two electrical controlled vacuum valves mounted on the rear of the passenger side wheelwell turn the vacuum on & off under computer control. Check to see that both valves have +12 volts on the red wire. Then ground the white/red wire and the first solenoid should open and pass vacuum. Do the same thing to the light green/black wire on the second solenoid and it should open and pass vacuum.

Remember that the computer does not source any power, but provides the ground necessary to complete the circuit. That means one side of the circuit will always be hot, and the other side will go to ground or below 1 volt as the computer switches on that circuit.

See the following website for some help from Tmoss (diagram designer) & Stang&2Birds (website host)
Danny-Boi said:
How would i check to see if its the valve or not? Also, where would i get a replacement?

Follow the test path I posted for codes 44 & 94. Any auto parts store should have what you need.