cold air intake


New Member
Jun 29, 2004
i heard different things as far as cold air intake goes. Ive heard MAC is good, ive heard BBK is good, ive heard a densecharger is pretty good, and K&N progchargers are good, then i also heard if you want to spend alot of money that western motorsports CAI is the best. What do yall think, im sure alot of yall have it.
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May 26, 2003
Ozark, Missouri
I have the K&N FIPK and love it. However, I'm starting to worry about it. Not so much the power it gives but what I seen in an independant test results. It turns out although the K&N air filter flows better it allows up to 60% more dirt into the motor than an OEM filter.:eek: That really worries me.