10 Year Member
Sep 30, 2009
Las Vegas, NV
Hey All,
Just looking for opinions here. My 68 Coupe is currently a terrible, peeling, flaking off red, over a terrible green over the original Sunlit Gold. The interior is gold and ivy gold. I want to paint the car myself (first timer) in a non-metallic, solid color, so that I can paint it in pieces/sections and have been led to believe that a non metallic is easier to match in separate painting sessions? I'm kinda leaning towards British Racing Green (the lighter of the several used over the years) and have been considering doing all chrome and "bright" pieces in a satin or semi-gloss black, except for maybe the drip rails (don't like them shaved) and the chrome Cragar SS wheels. Whatcha all think?
Thanx In Advance,
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