Connecting Wideband to Megasquirt PNP2


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Feb 23, 2020
Ok so I’m finally looking into wiring my AEM Failsafe wideband into my megasquirt pnp2 on my supercharged 94 Cobra. When I got the car it had no O2 sensors period so I decided to install a wideband and after installing I noticed my AFR at idle is in the 11’s which is too rich unless it’s just in the tune? But I’m at this point now of needing to have a sensor feedback to the ecu to make adjustments. However I’m becoming confused reading into the megasquirts instructions where it’s saying to place a jumper between 02 sensor to J8-43 to connect left bank OE 02 sensor or a jumper from 02 sensor to J8-44 to connect the right bank OE O2 sensor. Obviously I’m not connecting a factory O2 sensor, I’m trying to connect my wideband sensor, is it the same process for a wideband sensor being in place of a factory O2 or will this unit require function of my factory 02 to work? I have BBK longtube headers with my wideband sensor mounted on the passenger inside collector. Now to my understanding if I have this right I need to remove the cover from my mspnp2 and move my jumper to read right bank where my wideband is located, and then connect my output wire from my wideband to the pin connector for the O2 on the megasquirt and then pull up tunerstudio and make sure it’s configured to my gauge correct? I attached the instructions, sorry guys this is just my first ever wideband installation and it’s on an aftermarket stand alone ecu.


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