Fox Convertible Update - sold!

Wasn't a challenge, lol. I thought a few pages ago this was a budget flip. Now it's sounding like a money pit.
I've got nothing against verts, we've had a few in the family, but coyotes are known for low 12s at like 120mph and dont take as much driver or tire.
I ran 100shot years ago, I thought it was worthless.
I worry too, because I'm not capable of granny shifting 3rd in an aggressive situation. I can still feel my last t5 shatter in my hand.
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Yeah, thought it would be a funny response, just wanted a laugh. I'm the same on granny shifting. Sometimes I just do it out of habit. A guy asked me to drive his close to stock fox at the track a couple years ago. I had every intention of granny shifting to avoid taking a chance, but on the 2nd or 3rd run, I accidentally powershifted. That's weird to say, but I really didn't mean to. lol I actually posted about it in my thread on my last 'beater,' Black Jack. And yeah, I remember blowing out a T5 on my way to my first drag strip with my '92 after the FTI/AFR build. Was just getting some practice in while pulling away from a toll booth in NJ! I still remember the hassle as the trans still allowed me to move the car over into a parking lot but it resisted movement and sounded like tank tracks.

I don't imagine I'd win against a 'driver' in a new GT or SS from a stop, since I have 2.73s. However, I honestly think I'm going 103-105-ish with this car, as is. If a 150 shot picks up 15-ish mph, I'd put $$$ on a stocker losing from a roll, and against a dummy from a stop, I may even hole shot them enough to compensate.

I don't know if it's gonna happen. The guy that was supposedly selling the nitrous kit so cheap never came by my buddy's shop like he said he would. Also, I'm not really interested in flipping for profit, although I don't expect to lose any money in the $2,500 car, even after parts, maintenance, registration and insurance (~$2k + 35-40 hours of tinkering), unless I blow up something in the drivetrain. I'm honestly just trying to get the most enjoyment out of it while I can. And, I've never actually even been in a nitrous car. So, the thought of doing it is intriguing. I make mistakes like anyone, but I do not expect to screw up the tune. I think I can keep things conservative.

All of your points are well-taken, and I agree with everything you said about the risks of the n2o. I'm probably just a dummy, but sometimes the smartest thing to do isn't the smartest thing to do. It just depends on how you look at life. This is cheap fun, and I'm loving it.
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I haven't done much from the last update other than a clutch quadrant that I had lying around. I've driven it 1,400 miles, though. It's up over 168k, now.

A guy asked for more pictures of everything. So, I took a little vid:

I can't get over how much cleaner the car is, today. There was an ant hill on the intake when I got it, and the interior looked like someone dirty lived in it, lol. Before / Afters:



Well, we're getting towards the end of summer. I've about tinkered myself out on this project, and am currently back to the interior on my Black hatch. I still enjoy driving it around on warm pretty days, but I've pretty much had my fun with it. Plus, I've run up my credit card a bit, am starting to feel the pressure of the upcoming move, and would like to get this over, so I took 2 good whacks at the price, and for a week now, it's been listed at $5k.

She still hasn't sold, but is finally generating enough interest that I think she will. Just talkers so far, but I just re-posted a new fresh round of ads on FB, here, corral, and CL that I hope will generate some interest. I think Cali buyers are timid due to the emissions issues, even though this one passed in 2017. If it doesn't go this time around, I'm going to take it up to my buddy's place in Washington state and relist it at $6,500 up there and start over where there's no emissions issues for people to worry about. Then, it'll sell for whatever it sells for, or if I feel like it's going too far, then I'll take a loss and give my buddy a steal, since his kid wants one, anyways. Would be happy to plant that seed.


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Not really, Mike. There are plenty of stock high mileage verts, and they're listed for less $$$. Plus, I don't have the time for it, anymore.

JR, I appreciate that amazing offer, but my contingency plan is solid. I don't want to keep the car long-term, and my best friend will take care of the sale including any mechanical needs should they arrive.

On the seats, I have stock grey leathers out of the Black hatch that I could swap in. There's already enough grey in this interior for it to look like a theme, lol. They definitely are more comfortable. These 'race' seats look like the cheapos from advanced auto, to me.
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Would it be possible to take the car and see if it passes. I'm taking about taking it to someone, a friend, that will just check it without giving you a hard time if it fails. If you are worried people are passing due to that potential issue.

I'd love to have a set of gray leather fox seats for my car. It would be a shame to swap them into that car just to let it go.
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Yes. I have connections here who could check it. I don't know if I can convince buyers to take my word for it. Here in Cali, if it's passed smog or been registered, that's passed along to the next buyer.

I see you're out near Fort Rucker, though. Long way for shipping... Also, I only have front seats. If you're interested in them anyways, send me a pm. I'll get you pics.
Sold her for $5k. About $500 ahead for 35 hrs of tinkering. Better not quit my day job, yet.

Had a nice drop top coastal Summer to boot!

I still see it as a win.
You probably enjoyed fixing it up, so it wasn't like it was a job.
I do it with pinball machines sometimes in the winter, it's really not about the money, an extra $500 to $1000 is always nice, but fixing it up is the real reward.
So the way i see it, was you got paid $500 to do something you were going to do anyway.
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