Converting GT to LX: Difference in moldings by year?


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Jan 15, 2002
Dallas, GA
Today I made a deal with a guy to swap my GT trim with his LX trim. My question is about the year models. I want it to match, was there any changes in the trim between 87 to 93?

BTW: I know about all the holes I will have to fill and such. That doesn't concern me that much, I'm going to have it painted once I get everything in working order, probally next year.
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Well, if that is true I'll just be sure each is matching. Too late now, I already have removed the side molding from the passenger side. This is definatly the direction I want to take it. Wow, does that body kit add bulk or what? There is a small car under there. Really a wide body Escort!!! Not much weight, just bulk. 15 year old paint that has never been touched, just burried under 15 years of dirt. It's all painted. I was afraid of a truck's plastic bedliner effect and there being rust under there. Actually there is a little surface rust on the molding supports on the bottom side, which will be comming off anyways. Just a few small rivets, no gaping holes like I have heard on stangnet before.

The LX stuff I'm getting won't really match, some of it scuffed so I am going to sand, smooth, and prime it before putting it on. Maby the car will look kind of redneck but that will just motivate me to paint it. Pretty never made anything faster....