Cruise control pulses?


New Member
Nov 24, 2003
New Whiteland, IN
When i got this car i had no idea that it had cruise control, i just hit the button one day for fun and it worked. Well that made me a happy guy. But about 3 weeks after i had been using it, it started to pulse whenever i would have it on. It would be like i was taping the gas and letting off every second. Anyone have any ideas? :stick:
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Mine hasn't done that... but it did act up once. I had the cruise on and tapped the brake pedal to shut it off and it didn't shut off. I then stepped on the brake and it just picked back up speed on cruise. Luckily the Off button worked. I tried it again a minute later and no problem... weird.
Ford cruise control reacts strangely to some engine mods. You sometimes get a pulsing effect when a Cobra or GT-40 intake is added, which is the reason that the '93 Cobras didn't come with cruise. When you add a cam, all bets are off - a pulse is an almost sure thing depending on how radical the cam is. The fact that your cruise acted normal with these mods for three weeks is what surprises me. The mods affect engine vacuum, which the cruise servo is sensitive to. You might try plumbing a vacuum reservior inline with the cruise vacuum supply to soften the signal, but I don't know for sure if this would work. If it does not, and you really need cruise, there is an aftermarket unit made by Dana that is all electric, no vacuum, is adaptable to all cars, and can work with your factory steering wheel controls and VSS input.