Damaged Upper Intake Mating Surface


I want to measure mine. It doesn't look that tall.
15 Year Member
Jul 6, 2006
I was searching for the cause of one of my many vac leaks and I sure enough found one. there is a nick on the mating surface that was allowing oil and air to escape.
I thought of maybe adding a second gasket but that probably wont fix it. I dont have the tools to resurface the intake, JB weld?
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Any risk of material breaking loose and finding it's way into the intake?

Without seeing pics, i'd probably try the JB weld route. Let it set up, sand it down nicely and install a new gasket.

I'd either remove the lower to do this, or make certain nothing goes down into the heads while working on it
Its a Nick on the upper intake. Jb weld is setting right now. Let me see if i can attach a pic.
Know any welders or welding shops? Have someone just weld the chip in with some AL. Then sand it flush and install it worry free.

If not wanting to go that route, JB weld will probably work. I really don't think the chip will work loose and be sucked into the intake. Seems too small and narrow for that.

Your call