got my jlt and x3 today from american muscle. ordered a 93 race tune and a 91 performance tune. im running 93 octane in the car and im detonating with both tunes. any suggestions? Is there anything i can change with the handheld or should i wait till bamachips opens in the morning and call them?
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Did you run through a whole tank of 93 before you put the tune in? What were you running before? If you were runnning a lower octane and then filled up with 93 and put the tune in, it could be mixed and have lowered the octane rating so that you are getting detonation. Something to consider as well...
im just glad i ran the piss out of it on the street and heard it before i hit the track tomorrow night and wouldn't be able to hear it thru my helmet. hoping for high 12s but prolly gonna be low to mid 13s being that im on a street tire and traction will be an issue
I had about an 1/8 of a tank of 87 in mine when I filled it up with 93 on Friday night, honestly I was a little concerned that the little bit of 87 left in the tank would possibly change the octane level of the 93 I just put in, and installed SCT/SF3's 93 tune on Saturday, and I have not had any detonation or any other adverse affects, thankfully.

Glad to hear you got it sorted out :)