Does a 96 gt have 6 cats? Other questions


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May 21, 2004
Hey my friend got a 96 GT. Pretty clean. But it looks like it has 6 cats even though there really small. Does taking these off help that much? I know on fbodies you don't gain a lot of anything besides sound. But with 6 on a GT, I think it might resctirc flow a good bit.

Also won't he need 02 sims or a program the PCM to not have an SES and for the car to run better.

Also can you remove the smog pump and where is it. And how to avoid an SES light.

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Yes it has 6 need MIL elims if you plan on removing them. Mine are gone! Didnt feel any tq loss just seemed to run at lower rpms while driving than it did with them on.
6 is a bit overkill :nonono:

See if you can talk him into getting an H or X pipe, and if he wants to still have cats, he can cut it down to 2 cats, rather than 6.

I love the sound of a H pipe :D
from what i understand, the first 2 are 'pre-heaters' and the last 4 are cats, as the last 4 remain on the 99+ mustang.

as for removing only a few of them, whats the point? remove 'em all. i wouldnt however only remove the first 2 if you insist though.