does clutch control tire spin?


Mar 10, 2007
I have a factory clutch with 70,000 Miles on it, when i shift second the back tires spin, my question is my new spec stage 2 is suppose to bite really hard. Will that cause my tires to spin easier,same, more or less?
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It can.

If you replace a stock, or worn clutch with a firmer clutch that grips harder, on a hard shift the aftermarket clutch will slip less than the worn or stock clutch, therefore creating the possibility for a little more tire spin.
Your clutch does not control your traction, the driver does along with tires, suspension and other things.

Yes, if you have a weak clutch it will be harder to spin but you will also be losing power at the same time. You clutch may have a different feel than the stock one, but will be doing the same thing. You cannot get more power from switching a stock clutch to an aftermarket one unless it is slipping.
The 4:10's might have a bit to do w/that. Just sayin.


Use the money to buy some better tires if you have traction issues. I switched from an OEM equivalent tire to the nittos because even with basic bolt-ons I was having traction issues in 1st and 2nd. You don't need 275's (but I like them), stickier 245 wide options are available if you still have the stock wheels.