Domestic Car Drivers

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted here in a looong time but I have been sooo busy with school it is getting ridiculously tougher, anyway for my marketing class i am doing a consumer report on people who buy domestic sport cars. I am surprised I can not find that much information. DOes anyone here know where I can find info on people who buy domestic and why they do instead of imports. If not I would appreciate it if you tell me why you guys chose to to buy a sporty DOMESTIC car?:flag: I can answer it on my own but I need more insight. ANy info would be appreciated thanks:SNSign:
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My dad said they recently did a phone-in-survey on cartalk or one of those radio car shows. Most people that called in were domestic buyers.

I just think that people who buy imports stating that they are more reliable are ignorant.:shrug:

That said, what I buy depends on what I want.

Right now I want V8 sportscars.
If I want a fast sedan, I'll go German(or Swedish S60R= :drool: ).
If I want to look like the half-asian kid I am, I'd buy an Acura.
American Pride, alot of people buy them out of pride for thier country, even tho most of them are made out of country now =\. To keep Fellow Americans in work and to allows Americas encomy to recieve money instead of giving it to other countries.

As for me I am an owner of both, but the only reason I have an "import" is beacuse I was just starting into my appernticeship as an Electrician and it requires alot of driving. My uncle had the car and offered me a good deal on it that I couldnt pass up because the ol' stang isnt a commuter car. Now, If I need to buy another commuter car it will be Domestic.
TJH hit the nail on the head.

I know you know all this so I'll think aloud:

Ask anyone on here whom lives in Michigan and you'll quickly find why.

I might post this in the appropriate sub-forum that incorporates Michigan and let the guys post away.

You will want to also look at the impact that magazines have (I'm kinda disappointed that some US mags hype cars headquartered outside of the US so much; deserving is deserving, but sometimes it feels rediculous).

I'd also look at repair costs. Some imports (Teutonics, etc) cost a grip to repair. American cars can be much less costly.

And status - people buy exotics for the social status rather than buying something more common like a Corvette, which has awesome bang-for-the-buck.

Not sure if that kind of stuff is what you were lookin for..........

Good luck.
I agree completely with TJH...hell, I'm not even American, but I'd rather dump money into our north american economy than somewhere else that's doing perfectly fine the way they are

We're already losing jobs in the auto industry every day....while Toyota keeps growing and growing...yes, reliability is always the reasons you get from import owners, but if you take care of any car, it's gonna last you a long time

Plus, how girly would I look in an Integra with altezza's?
because imports are for homos

thats all i got to say lol

as for the electrical apprentice lol i know what you mean lol im a electrician i was driving like 178 a day for about 3 months w/ my f150 that got 7 MPG.... i would rather burn gas money then look like a import homo lol.
Here is how your report should go:

Why Consumers Purchase Domestic Automobiles

Professor, just look at this piece of sex...


The End.
Plus, how girly would I look in an Integra with altezza's?

I had to. sorry.


On topic, I bought domestic because it was the cheapest way for me to get into a beastly car with a cheap, and effective path to increased beastliness. I didn't necessarily do it for brand loyalty, but I have immense respect for Ford and the history of the mustang. That certainly affected it.

I'd imagine legacy would have much to do with why many are buying the newer day muscle cars (including vettes). Many Americans aren't as aware of European car history simply because it's not as close to use culurally

When I bought my recent car, I bought it because Germans usually use higher standards for creating cars than American companies (quality of materials, fit and finish). This isn't true for all import cars however. I also wanted all wheel drive in a sporty car.
I wanted a mustang since I was a little wee one. Sure, for the same amount of money or less I could have ended-up in a gas sipping import, but I'd feel embarassed to be behind the wheel of something that sounds like a macked-up whipper snipper. While some people say domestic cars fall apart and can't hold-up anything like imports do, I tend to disagree like anyone with some form of common sense would. Alot of it has to do with how you take care of the car. But even when they do break-down, parts for domestic cars on average are so much cheaper than those for imports, especially german cars.
Plus most people who don't really appreciate cars as more than a form of transportation buy imports because they think they will not have to worry about them in the long run. They all look the same to me. I call them "throw-away" cars. Sure there are alot of crappy domestic throw-away cars too, probably more so than imports (cavalier comes to mind), but again parts are cheaper.
Well I think I lost what the point of what I wanted to say was, but to summarize, next time you see a gay person, look at what they drive. Its probably an import.
Edit: or they take the bus to save the environement.
Plenty of imports that would hand plenty of domestics their asses. On the same note there's plenty of domestics that would hand plenty of imports their asses. It's just two different worlds. A lot of people dislike what they don't understand. That's why a lot of times people from one camp of cars talk trash to people from another camp, they're just basing their opinions on something they have no real idea about. Like when they think our domestics will break before the end of the quarter, or that they can only go straight. Or when domestic guys think imports can't be anything other that hopped up 4 cyl econemy cars that can't break out of the 16's. People in general will always talk a lot of crap. It would be a very boring hobby if everyting out there was the same.
Great stuff guys I am getting the overwhelming feeling that people buy american to support their economy however in doin some research I have found that american cars arent as american as you may think and alot of foreign parts are being used. So would you guys equate an american car as a more masculine car than say an import car? These are some deep physchological buying decisions i am trying to find. My main target are people who buy domestic SPORT cars such as trans ams, camaros, corvettes, mustangs, GTO's over supras, 3000GT's, wrx's you get the picture. Reliability and gas mileage might not mean as much when its your toy car and not a daily driver, so there has to be other reasons. Now me and you both know theres two different types of people who buy mustangs and civics and what im trying to get at is who are these people and why do they choose what they choose. We know that there are people who would buy both a import sport car and domestic sport car but theirs a big majority who will buy either one or the other. I think ones culture has alot to do with it also, I don't mean to stereotype but how many indian and asian people do you see in mustangs, every indian friends i know has a honda.
price/performance is why I bought mine, and that fact that my dad had a 1965 mustang fastback in the garage (which I thought was the **** when I was a kid) although I probably will not be buying US anymore..

honestly I believe european cars are engineered better and generally have less problems (especially commuters). There is a reason US manufacturers are going out of buisness.. and most of the newer US cars look hideous imo.

sports car owners are in a group of their own, I would argue the majority of US drivers just want a car thats reliable, looks decent, and will get them from point A to point B, without breaking the bank.
I have a few reasons:
1.) I hate the way 4 cylinder cars sound
2.) I love the V8 rumble
3.) Im 6'2 i feel like a giant driving imports
4.) I feel like I am one of the few and the proud that still has faith in domestics since it seems like nearly everyone my age has gone to the import scene
5.) Simplicity of the cars, I dont need a navigation system I got a thomas guide in the trunk, I dont need electronic climate control, or seat warmers
Just love V-8's! For the price a Mustang does well. If I had the money I would also buy European sport cars that have V-8's like the Mercedes SL55 & SLR, Aston Martin V-8 Vantage, Koenigsegg CCX, TVR Griffith, Spyker C8 etc.
This is a great thread.

In the end, for me, it's all about the sound of a V8 with some nasty sounding exhaust. But if i didnt have the SS i would probably try to get an M3 just for the luxury of it all.

But seriously there is nothing like driving around on a sunday in the summer, around sunset just cruisin with some really mean sounding exhaust, windows down, ttops off(or vert top down), AC off, music bumpin, no worries, no destination, just cruisin. Winters suck.
I bought my Mustang because my daddy had one when I was a kid and I liked riding in it. There's really no greater feeling then riding around with your dad and looking up to him as you hear the rumbling of exhaust and get thrown into the seat when you can't even see over the hood yet. That feeling knowing that your riding in a legendary American muscle car that every person on the road knows what it is. What better way to carry on in a ford family then to get an SN95 and update from your fathers fox. When I was little I looked at 5.0 Magazine everyday picking out each part I would put on my dream SN95. When I grew up I bought that car. The only thing affording all those damn things I picked out when price wasn't a consideration yet.