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Aug 4, 2021
I have a 2004 gt that i just bought. i can’t find anything about the issue. when i bought the car the driver window didn’t work so i replaced the motor. it worked for a couple weeks and then stopped working again. i was told it could be a wiring issue within the door. does anyone know what might be causing this and is it fixable? will it keep happening if i fix it? the passenger window button works just fine and when i press the driver window button it makes a clicking by the fuse box. replaced the fuse in it to eliminate that issue. could it be any other issue besides bad wiring? i appreciate any and all help
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Could just have a shorted master switch (the drivers door window switches assembly)
The clicking in the fuse panel is the circuit breaker breaking because it senses a short
The wiring into the door from the kick panel (inside the rubber boot) is a common wire break / short location
Interrogate those wires while observing the fuse panel
Get a new switch to test with
Right out of the ford manual to substitute a known good part
Bitchy repair those wires are
Everyone needs a DVOM and some practical knowledge about using one