Electrical Dropping a 86 302 (carb) into a 92 Lx 4 cylinder automatic


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Jun 19, 2019
Hello everyone,

I've begun tearing apart my wrecked 84 GT (carburated), which as it sits has a 86 302 HO in it. I found a clean 4 cylinder car (1992 lx convertible) and I've started preparing for the swap, figuring out what parts I'll need to replace/upgrade, and which ones I can keep off the i4 car.

As far as the drive train, suspension, steering, exhaust goes I'm starting to get a good idea of what my build is gonna look like. The only part of the swap I can't picture clearly is the set up of some of the instruments and electronics. The engine I'll be using is carburated with an MSD ignition, so I know can run an aftermarket tachometer off that.

I love the look of the 84 dashboard but I understand it's relatively difficult to transplant into the later model car. So I need to know if the 1992 cluster is compatible with Fuel, Speed, Temp/Pressure wiring etc, off of the 86 motor and T5 transmission. I've struggled to find info on this and I would like some feedback on how I should set this up.

2019-06-19 09.29.13.jpg
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