E-Brake handle swap in 04 Cobra


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Jun 21, 2001
Stuart, Fl
I'm changing the stock leather boot and handle to a 10th Anniversary boot and handle (full handle assy). Any advice? The car is a convertible and I'm nervous about the associated sensor (have to set the brake to put the top down...). I understand an e-brake handle change can be a pain. Any instructions/pics is appreciated.
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It should be similar to most other SN-95 type mustangs. On my GT ragtop I removed the console to change the stock, plastic e-brake lever to a leather Cobra one. It is not difficult once you get the console off (which is the real PITA). You basically lower the brake handle and disconnect the cable (which is a lot like a bicycle brake line) from under the car. There is a small sensor on the side of the brake for the top so be careful not to damage it when you disconnect it. There is another way described in the manuals where you place a pin in an opening on the handle mechanism and somehow that allows you to remove the handle/lever. YMMV.