EFI swap questions


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Feb 28, 2001
Denver, CO
Just completed a swap to EFI - A9L and components from a '94 GT. Car seems to run okay, but...

1. what happens when the O2 heaters aren't wired? I have long tube headers and have read in here that the exhaust cools off too fast for the O2 sensors to get a good reading anyway, when they're heated, so what's the point in hooking them up?

2. does the fuel pump monitor wire need to be connected? To what?

3. Is there any way to test the IAB? It doesn't come down to idle right away from a throttle stab.

I may have some questions about the VSS after driving it a few times, but for now I have it unplugged. Opinions?
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MASS air conversion instructions from http://www.stangnet.com/tech/maf/massairconversion.html for wiring information, especially the fuel pump wiring.

The O2 sensor heaters will help keep the O2 sensors in their best operating temp range. Definitely wire up th heaters when using long tube headers. No O2 sensors can kill your gas mileage and hurt performance.

Use some throttle body cleaner for the IAB. Check the throttle linkage & clean the TB while you are at it.

The VSS & IAB work together to keep the engine from stalling when you slow down to stop.