egr help.


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Aug 9, 2007
clinton ct
ok i recently took out my power steering, ac, smog, and got a electric water pump, and i plan on just running crank and alternator.

I want to take out my egr to clean it up a little more by deleting the egr what will i have to do, i know i need a block off plate and what else? will my motor be alright will i lose power. just want to know the steps and parts i will need in order for me to do this.

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You should block it off at the head by removing the lower intake and using the flat part of a razor blade with RTV ont he EGR passages from the heads.

Then you will need a custom tune really to properly tune for the lack of inert gas at part throttle settings.
I agree with mustang5l5 however, sells something that plugs in where the egr valve did to tell the computer the egr valve is pretty much permanently shut. This isn't the best way of fooling the computer but it does work.