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90 GT

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Apr 13, 2004
guys i have a quick question to ask. i own a 90 gt and was thinking of getting a 94 stock electric 5.0L fan for it.mines running pretty hot right now.would i notice any major difference from replacing my stock clutch fan which is all cracked up now or should i get a flex a lite fan for it.any good ideas out there. thanks
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i bet you would notice quite a difference swapping the fan blade AND fan clutch. get a metal blade, IMHO. you need an upgraded alternator for the fan, to do it right.

95 stang, thanks for the info on the fan motors from SN95's. that said, it is a common fan to run in a fox (easier to fit than a Mark 8 from what many have said. a lot less draw too).

if you have a 2G alternator, you would probably be money ahead to just do the blade and clutch (100 bucks or so). but if you have a 3G, the electric might be a good route.

good luck.
parts! i need to be in sales! lol

from http://store.summitracing.com/ in stock

part# SUM-G4911 1200-1250cfm 12" fan $79.99 or if you need more airflow go with this one

part# PRM-19008 1650cfm 12" fan $ 89.88

would also recommend the follow for proper operation and current draw

part# FLX-31146 $13.95 ac relay

part# FLX-31148 $16.95 manual over ride

part# FLX-31147 $24.88 temp sensor for automatic engaugement of fan

part# PRF-30101 $24.88 fan relay kit

hope this helps you! :nice:
I'd want to understand why and under what conditions it's running hot. Also, what mods have been made to the car. There are many reasons why one can run hot - many of which have nothing to do with the fan. In fact, when the clutch fails, it usually fails in a way that simply has the fan spinning all the time - rather than freewheeling at speed. That won't contribute to a hot problem - just a noise/efficiency problem. If you're running hot, it's likely related to engine condition and/or radiator condition. While I'm a big electric fan 'fan', I'd hate to see you go through the trouble and not solve the problem.

And in my opinion, you need a fan capable of 2500-3000 cfm to be certain you'll keep the 5.0L cool in the worst low speed conditions.
electric fan

i only bumped up my timing to 14 installed mac long tube headers and a catted h-pipe i've replaced the thermostat with a 160 flushed the rad put new coolant in it and tried that water wetter stuff.improved a little bit but on hot days it climbs up.it's also an auto with ac. thanks for the help guys.
Advancing the timing will cause the engine to run hotter. Lowering the t'stat temp will only open the t'stat sooner, perhaps delaying an overheating condition - it will do nothing to alleviate it. It's kind of like taking aspirin for a headache that's being caused by a tumor. You might get some relief for a while, but it's gonna worse until you cure the illness.

Tell us more about how it climbs up -- in traffic? On the highway? Stop and go? If it's climbing in slow moving traffic, but cools off as you start moving, then you're not moving enough air across the radiator. If it's just running hot all the time (once it heats up) - if the radiator is original, I'd bet the radiator is the problem. The build up lots of scale on the inside that interferes with heat transfer. And most of the over-the-counter flushes can't really do much to clean all that out.
I know this post has gone around and come around, so here is my 2 cents.

1st fix the cause of the overheating problem. If it is indeed the stock fan, then a replacement with 1 or 2 electrics would be a good idea.

2nd if you are going to tear the belt off the car to change or upgrade the fan, go ahead and do the 3g conversion now. You will be much happier in the future for that big stereo or just peace of mind with the car running at idle with the A/C lights and wipers on.
it gradually increases upwards to about 3/4 mostly in traffic and it still has the original rad in it.i might as well look into getting an aftermarket rad and go from there.
Are a lot of your stock radiator fins flattened?

An aluminum radiator would help... you can find decent ones for a fair price, I picked up my 28" AFCO for $190. I couldn't believe how skinny the stock radiator was when I pulled it out, it was like half the thickness I expected it to be.

If you go with an electric fan, depending upon where you live, some ppl get by with the Black Magic fan (made by Flex-a-lite i think).

Thats my 2 cents... Listen to Mike though, he's got answers.