electrical problems! car wont run! help!

me and a friend tried to hook up the autometer tach last night. i have the tach adapter from ponyexpress. directions were going good until we realized that after we cut the wires it told us to in order to splice them with the wire from the adapter. after we cut them we realized they were way too tight to fit into the crimpers they provided. they pull themselves out. so we decided to not mess with it and have a shop do it when i get it dyno tuned cuz i kno the guy who runs the shop and would help me out. so we tried to just put the wires we cut back together with electrical tape to just run like it did before hand. but we did that and started it and it wont run right. it starts but then if i give it any gas the rpm's go right down until i let off and it goes back to idle. i dont see how anything can be messed up cuz the wires are connected just how they were before. anyone know what i should do? its my daily driver so i'm stuck until i fix it. ideas?
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