eliminating smog a performance upgrade?

considering removing my smog pump since i dont think i really need it and need a new belt anyway but i know you have to plug the lines and dont wanna screw anything up or go through the hastle can i just leave the pump on and put a shorter belt on that excludes the smog pump...how many horses you suppose you gain without it???:shrug:
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Deleted member 87397

Yes, you should be able to leave the pump on and just route a shorter belt around it. Your cats, if you have them will wear out faster without the smog pump working.


Sep 27, 2006
well if you don't have cats, there isn't much point in keeping the pump on there. you'll maybe gain 0.5 hp by removing it, but it weighs quite a bit, and really cleans up the engine when its gone. you don't plug the lines, just take them right off, then plug the heads. it is all very easy to do, so don't worry about that.