emissions problem....


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Aug 17, 2004
About 3 weeks ago i bought a 97 Mustang Cobra for a large dealership. I went to take the car for emissions testing in Wisconsin and i failed. They said that i have a check engine light on and the code is 1443. Well my check engine light was not on because someone (possibly the dealership) removed the bulb. I installed a bulb and disconnected the battery for 5 mins hoping the computer would reset itself because i called the dealership and they had said that maybe someone had not tighted the gas cap. Well the check engine light came on. Well i had the code checked out by another dealership and they told me that my car has an evap problem. As far as i know that means that there is a gas fume leak somewhere and it has something to do with the o2 sensors. Well i was told that the way to fix it is a ford dealership needs to pump nitrogen though my cars fuel system and that well solve my problem. Anybody have this similar problem or does anyone have and idea how much something like this would cost to fix. I am supposed to be getting 4.10 gears put in the car on saturday and i am not sure i can afford the install price plus fix my evap problem.

Thanks for your time reading my really long post and i hope some of you can help me

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1443 in my book is your idle air controller. It is super easy to remove, might just have some extra build up in it or something. it should be to the right of the cobra plaque. two bolts, a gasket, and a wiring clip. try pulling it off. and checking it. I'm not sure exactly what it does, but there isn't much to it. good luck
you might want to search for it brfore you go digging into the iac, I'm not sure how it measures the air flow, but cleaning a maf can be delicate work, and if you mess it up, you will have to order one from ford. but just pulling it off won't hurt. don't break your gasket, it might be stuck to the bottom of the iac. if so just leave it alone(gasket).