Engine bay cleanup


New Member
Apr 12, 2003
Wichita, KS
I'm doing a headswap in a few weeks and while everythings out I wnated to take some time to clean up my engine bay. Any tips or recommendations? What products to use would be appreciated. Also, I want to paint my intake, what kind of paint works good and what sort of temp does it need to be able to hold up to? Thanks.

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I am looking to cleanup my 92 GT as well but not sure what the best things are to do. I have seen a lot of pics that really clean up the wiring issue but not sure how to go about it. I posted a thread myself for this so hopefully we will get some good tips.
Use a citrus based de-greaser so you don't have to worry about your hoses getting eaten by the petroleum in the de-greaser.

That, some elbow grease and maybe one of those little steam-jet cleaners will do wonders for almost any engine bay.

Its really time consuming but its worth the time.I took my wiring a opened it up an split it, i had to cut maybe 5 wire and extended them but thats about it i ran them through my fenders the only wires in my engine compartment is going to be the wires for my injectors,oil sending unit wire, and the distributor coming out of the center of my firewall and the coil . i have my car apart now because im going to paint by engine i welded all the holes and cover the other bigger holes with sheet metal. If you need some detailed info or pictures let me know my email is [email protected]