Engine Light On At 1200 Miles

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Take it to dealer and have them deal with it and enjoy the free coffee and donuts...

or if you are feeling like tackling this yourself see if a friend owns an OBD2 code reader and ask him to hook it up and read the code. He can possibly reset the code as well to see if it comes back. Autozone will also loan out the code reader for free.

A loose gas cap is sometimes all that's necessary to trip the check engine light
Im taking it in on Thursday morning. Hopefully its nothing major.will let everyone know what they find. Ive been doing some research on this and l hope is not a sensor thats needs engine and trans removal.
I'm assuming your car is brand new from the dealership and is still under warranty. Have you done any mods to it? If not take it to the dealership and have the service guy read the code real quick and he can usually fix you up under warranty. If you've done some kind of mod that might of had some effect, take it to autozone, orielys, or some other parts place and have them read the code. They'll do it for free. Then come back here and tell us the code. And yeah... what gas cap?
What gas cap?

I was talking in general. Most cars can trip a CEL for something as simple as that.

A lot of friends and family are aware I know cars well and every time they get a CEL i get a phone call asking me basically "Is my engine going to blow up" or "is my car going to die". More often than not, the cause of the code is relatively minor or a phantom code that never comes back after erasing it.

I was merely trying to reassure the OP against thinking worse case scenario.

A good question however is, "Did you perform any mods or changes to the car that would cause the CEL to come on" If no...take it to the dealer
Here is the update. The service light code was emissions. Nothing wrong its been cleared and all is well so far. The high speed whine they think is the ring and pinion not set up properly. Im going to be putting about 700 miles on the car this long weekend. When I get back they are giving me a loaner car and replacing the gear pack. This dealer has been Outstanding. They want me to be 100% satisfied with my new car,awsome! !!!