Engine swapping


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Jun 22, 2004
Alright, We're gonna swap a blown-up 4.6l SOHC for a shiny, new one. Yeah, we've done engine swaps before, but until now, we've only had to muscle the motor in. We've done a 400ci Pontiac in a '65 Tempest/GTO Clone (twice) and a 389ci, both of which were very simple, about fiften wires total under the hood, including the spark plug cables. But, my dad and I are first-timers with a computer-controlled engine like the SOHC 4.6 liter, and needless to say, we're kinda scared about the whole thing. My biggest problem is findiong a time where we'll be able to do the entire thing, so as not to leave my car sitting with no motor for too long.

Alright, we'll cut to the chase, two questions:
1.) How long will this entire process take, start-to-finish (as in from the moment when I disconnect the battery to the time I fire it up to clean it out)
2.) Is there anything I'll need to be particularly careful about? I know with the 400ci block, it's almost impossible to attach the left header when the motor's inside the engine compartment, and I'm just trying to avoid another three hours fumbling with two bolts.

-COrnDawg, AKA Steve Diedesch
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