exhaust question

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Don't rev it! :rlaugh: I guess that would work in theory, but not in practicality would it? Probably some resonators.

I made some straight pipes and have thought about trying to get rid of the popping, but then I got used to it. I can still hear it when I rev it in neutral and when I deccelerate(?), slow down, quickly, but it doesn't really bother me anymore. For a while I was looking at the Pypes mid muffler setup and getting rezzies instead of the muffler. Never got around to asking if they could do a custom order like that. I did ask them about swithching the muffler deletes on that system with pype bombs and they said that was fine for 30ish more dollars I think. The reviews say the pop on cold start, but after that they are fine. I'm sure SLP and Boomtubes are sort of the same. If such is the case then a resonated tip would proabably get rid of most of the popping as well without having to put on resonators. Maybe one day I will get around to putting some on and see what it does...
Loudmouths are for all intents and purposes a resonating tip, same with the pype bombs. The Boomtubes have baffles in them that make it like a resonator, but not. I have not heard BTs in person like I have heard the other two so can't give you much help there :(