Exhaust setup up. Opinions needed!!!!

Hey guys, I have a cobra rear bumper on my gt, and I am running bassani equal length shorties, bassani x-pipe, and I am going to be running bassani street comp mufflers. My question is I have some mac 2.5 lx tips laying around should I just put them on the mufflers, or should I just buy the whole catback. Money is not an option right now, I have a bit saved back just for this. And also does the street comp catback come with 3 inch tips, if so, how do you guys think that will look on a cobra rear bumper, and will it sound wierd since all I have done to my motor is whats in my sig. All opinions needed thanks guys. Hope to hear from you soon.
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If you have the cobra bumper i would not run lx tail pipes. The cut rear ground effect looks lame to me. Run proper GT/Cobra exhaust with the little down pipes. Or just run down pipes off the mufflers themselves. Perhaps you could find a side exhaust kit for the fox and run that.
i would not put gt/cobra tails on a fox..i think they are hardcore lame... i have turndown on my exhaust set up and would never do it any different i get so many compliments on its tone compared to other cars with the same mods