Finally bought a 5.0


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Jul 7, 2021
My buddies had 5.0's in high school (late eighties) and I was always the odd man out with a street bike. Finally bought a 95 GT Convertible ( mid life crisis maybe?). Love the look , condition (like new) 150,000KMS and sound is cool.

Problem 1: After driving it home day on one, maybe and hour or so on the highway, I pulled into a gas station to top up the tank and it died as though it were out of fuel. Had 2/3 of a tank. Topped it up and viola fired up and ran fine for another hour. Day 2, Drove it for three hours no issues, pulled into a parking garage, it died. Stared it again after about twenty minutes and it seemed fine. Drove it about 500 yards and sputter.. cough.. died again. Got pushed into another parking garage. Let it sit for a couple more hours and drove it home, about twenty minutes drive, no issues. Only symptom I could notice was a humming coming from the rear of the car, cant imagine anything else but the fuel pump making that sound. Seems to cut in and out but mostly in.
Sorry for the long winded explanation but though it might help.

Problem 2: Auto tranny shifts hard and late into second, not badly just as though you have your foot stuffed into it, but don't.

I'm Grateful for any input from the group!

If it was a Vmax, I could fix it lol

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Don't discount the fact that someone might have put a shift kit in it raising the shift rpms and firmness