Finally got a Cobra (my dream car!)


Sep 19, 2018
Hey everyone,

I wanted to introduce myself. I'm a Navy vet who's 30 years old that lives in the great Pacific Northwest. I finally purchased the one car that has had a lasting impact on me from when I was a kid, the 1996 SVT Cobra. It is Laser Red with Cobra R styled rims. I will post some pictures once I get it back from the transmission shop (Insert crappy T-45 joke here!). I understand as far as Cobra's go, the 1996 is basically the redheaded stepchild compared to the newer year Cobra's, but this is my dream car. When i was a kid, my best friends old man bought a 1996 cobra that was laser red brand spanking new. It was a beautiful car, it sounded amazing and at the time it was as nutty as a squirrel turd (seemed crazy fast) when you got on it. I'm now a father of two kids, and have a 6 year old son that I needed to save from becoming a Honda turd when he got older. He loves it, I love it- life is good!

My modifications include a short shifter, intake and a tune. My future modifications will be a BBK O/R H pipe with flow master american thunder series cat back's and a set of 3.73 gears, all of which are sitting in my garage awaiting install. I will also add, THIS IS MY FIRST EVER FORD PURCHASE and I absolutely do NOT regret it despite the transmission issues.

I hope to make an impact with my membership and look forward to meeting a few members!
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General karthief

wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
Mod Dude
Aug 25, 2016
polk county florida
Well thank you for your service and welcome to stangnet. No get over to the sn95 forums, post some pics and tell us what your plans are.