Finally!!! Im back in business! Pics inside.....


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Oct 17, 2005
Well I got her back today..well i guess last night since its almost 1:30 in the morning now. Made 269rwhp and 290 trq at 5000 rpms on the mustang dyno. Still a bit of tuning left to do when it breaks in but they only made one easy pass with it because the block only had like 5 miles on it. Hopefully she will make over 300 or close to it when i get it dynoed again!Well here are the pics after i picked it up today.Enjoy :nice:

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stangGT97 said:
cool man, nice looking car too! think we can get a video of that beast?

Yea hopefully pretty soon I can get a video.I dont have a video camera right now so ill have to wait to use my friends in a couple of weeks.By the way i got in my first race in the car today after i put about 150 miles on it. Romped on an srt4 hardcore!!:nice: