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Sep 24, 2000
Well at least I think I did. Like I said in my last post a 1/8 track that I frequent had a test and tune session and I finally have the car where I want it for now. So here is how the story goes. Get to the track and as usual on a test and tune there are loads of imports there making all kinds of noise along with loads of bikes doing the same. On my first run I damn near killed my car of the line. Some moron import boy in his non turbo subaru impreza deciced that he needed to make a run through the water box in his street tires and left a little water on the line for me. And with a 5800 rpm launch the car spun and went straight for the wall so I have to abandon that run. Well on the next run I made sure that did not happen again and actually got a decent run. The car cut a 1.81 60ft time and ran a 7.92 @ 89.6mph. Not my best et but the mph had come up a little bit, and the 60ft was still horrible. So got back to the pits and decided to change a few things and experiment. So I bumped the timing a little and took some fuel away since it was showing rich on the wideband that I robbed from my brothers turbo car. So I head back to the lanes. This time out I was a little pissed the times went up and so did the 60ft to the tune of 8.01 @ 87.3 with a 2.02 60ft time. So I get back around to the pits pissed as hell cause all this time and money seemed to be for nothing cause the car was not running any better. Well I decided to let the car rest for a few minutes and talked to a buddy that was down there that races stock and super stock and see what he thought. He said the suspension was working cause it was planting the tires but it seemed like the car was not hooking so he said it was probably the tires. Then when I thought about it I had not run these slicks in almost two years and they were starting to get worn out a little. So he heads into his trailer and brings out my quick fix in a old dawn dish soap bottle. So it's back to the line with a little VHT on hand. This time there was no doubt that the car hooked. It pulled the left front several inches and they said you could almost see under the right front. So I get to the end of the track and see 7.61 @ 90.3mph with a 1.59 60ft!!!!! Needless to say when I got back I was bouncing all over the place. So when you convert it out it's an 11.87 @ 113.78mph! Of course to drop about .5sec off my time only cost an extra 4,000 over what I had already spend on the stock motor. But I done it with a stock stroke, full weight (3540lbs) GT, with steel wheels and slicks on the back, and 17x9 cobra r's with 255/45 tires on the front. I think if I can get the weight off the car with a K-member, and some aluminum wheels in the back and skinnies in the front mid 11's will be possible with this motor!
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Jan 23, 2003
Sounds like you've got a kick ass ride. Congrats on the numbers.

What kind of air pressure were you running in the slicks? How hard were you leaving (what RPM)? What suspension work do you have done?