finally put my old pi heads on ebay.


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Apr 16, 2003
it only took me 6 months to do it.:D

2 weeks ago i checked ebay and there was only like one set of pi heads. i remember them going for a good amount of money.

now i got mine on there last night and theres like 7 other sets on there. :mad:
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btw you know what really pissed me off. well im not a big ebay seller so maybe it was me. anyway the shipping set up. they force you to go through them for shipping which i really wouldnt have minded. however im selling heads....theres 2 and i could not figure out how to minipulate the weight compaired to the package. it seemed like they would only let you put it in as one package. im shipping in two and the weight had to be seperate.

they had the weird oversized package rates. i dont know what the hell i was doing so i was forced to put a flat shipping rate on it and i didnt want to do that incase someone near me bought them. it might also scare off some bids.......:mad: pita
ill take a cookie, but what i want is for somone to tell me what the f is up with ebay. i havent used in a while, and it just seems like they are tryin real hard to rack up the costs on things.
Damn dude you still haven't sold those things haha. Well ebay is retarded with the shipping thing. I recently went through a PITA with them, and all I was selling was a DVD. You don't actually HAVE to ship through them though. You can just ship it yourself to the buyer's address. Then on, go to "my ebay" and on that page go scroll down to the "Items I've sold" part. Then you will notice there is a part that says "action" with a little box underneath. In that box, there is a little check button. If you click it, the option to "mark as shipped" will pop up. Just click that. Ebay will then list it as shipped and you are done.
Though I'm not some big "Power Seller", I've sold over 100 items and have a feed back of 271. I've never shipped through Ebay.

As far as costs, the fees have gone up a bit over the last couple years. That does suck a bit.
hey skidzz thanks alot for the info. it might be a bit late on this one but will come in handy next time. when i woke up this morning they were sold 2 days in for the buy it now price.

i was a lazy ass, this was the first time i even put them on ebay. wanted to give the guys here first chance at them. thanks though. i will wind up loosing a little on shipping as i is going to cost me more then i put for the flat rate. oh well no big deal.

now i just have to find some good boxes for shipping heads. i wish i kept the ones my fox's came in.
To be quite honest, eBay actually lowered their fees in February of 2006. They sent an email to every member stating that the fees were changing. At first, I assumed they were going up. I then read the email through, and the rates went down on some things!

EDIT: Like someone above said, I also have never shipped anything through eBay. Depending on the item, I use FedEx or USPS. FedEx has rather cheaper rates here than UPS. For two packages that UPS wanted to charge me ~$80 for, FedEx shipped it for ~$50...that's a big difference.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE whatever you do, whether it's a Christmas calendar to your mother or a set of PI heads, ALWAYS get deliver confirmation/tracking. This will save your arse if it ever gets lost or if you need proof of shipping for some reason *::cough:: Paypal receives a reversed charge from someone's CC company and you need to prove that you actually shipped the item ::cough::*